2018-2019 Recap

It’s almost time for ~ Fall Auditions ~ and Bruin Harmony couldn’t be more excited! As we look forward to another amazing year, we also look back at all the wonderful experiences and achievements of our 2018-2019 year that got us to where we are today. We challenged ourselves by competing in ICCAs for the first time in Bruin Harmony history, (making it all the way to Semifinals in our favorite little town, Salem, OR!) and as a result we pushed past our limits and discovered newfound strength and unity. In fact, “unity” was our keyword when we performed “Gravity” in Spring Sing 2019, for which we were honored with the awards for Best A Cappella and Best Overall Performance. We all cried. But more important than the competitions and the awards were the friends, family, and supporters who were there through it all, especially UCLA’s Scattertones, Random Voices, our beloved BHarm alumni, and our good friend and honorary member Sam Hersch, just to name a few. Without the support and love from all of you, this group could never dream of being where we are today, and for that we thank you dearly. Bruin Harmony will always strive to be our best on and offstage, and we hope you’ll come along with us for another year of laughter, sweat, tears, sweat again, and music!

Peace and love,

Bruin Harmony

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