So you're interested in being part of our group, eh? 

We've all had those dreams of secretly singing in the shower, in the comfort of our steamy tiles and soap laden walls. Don't let those dreams be dreams.. Make those dreams  a reality. 

Bruin Harmony is UCLA's premier all-male a cappella group specializing in entertaining the crowds of UCLA and the greater LA area! We're looking for new members and you might be one of them!! We're talking singers, beatboxers, singers that can sing high, singers that can sing low, singers that love their moms, and singers of all varieties! No experience necessary! Crazy, right? It's that time of the year again where we get to set instruments on fire and you can be one of the lucky few to do that with us! 

All we'll need you to do is to prepare a song that you think will best show off your voice. Preferably the song should be about a minute long or a verse and a chorus cut of it. We'll take a listen, swoon a little bit, and then we'll proceed to doing some vocal exercises to test out your range and then we'll get to know you a lil bit. ;) 

Doesn't sound that bad right? Here are some testimonies from famous celebrities about our Bruin Harmony & auditions:


"Outstanding process they have there, truly remarkable boys'
- Lady Gaga

'I can't believe I had to wait in line for three hours but it was soooo worth it!!'
- Shawn Mendes

'I thought I was gonna in line for The Voice.. still worth it tho.'
- Sam Smith

'I wish I could kiss them all..'
- Emily Osment

'Pete Davidson who?'
- Ariana Grande


Audition dates are: 

September 28th, Friday: 7-11PM @ Schoenberg 1440
September 29th, Saturday: 6-10PM @ Schoenberg 1439

Invited Callbacks are: 
September 30th, Sunday: 5:30-9:30PM @ Ostin Ensemble Room

Click on the button to sign up for a time slot!