our newest album is finally here!

I know, right? We can't believe it either! Our newest album, Back in Business, is finally live and up on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play - and guess what? It's free! 

We can't thank the patrons, friends, and family that have all helped us make this project successful. 

Most importantly, we want to thank everyone who has continually given their support in all our shows, gigs, and other shenanigans!

Bruin Harmony is back for more! 


fall audition results

We're so pleased to announce our 5 newest members of Bruin Harmony! 

Owen Braithwaite (Tenor 1) 

Abe Soane (Tenor 2)

Michael Woodson (Tenor 2)

Alex Bortolotti (Baritone)

Spencer Padgett (Baritone) 

These guys guys are insanely talented and we're incredibly lucky to have them in our group!

Bruin Harmony
fall 2017 Auditions



The time has come again! The merry moments of singing dude-on-dude-on-man-on-dude has come! You too can now be a part of UCLA's premier all-male a cappella group! What does this entail, you ask? A simple task of bringing a short cut to your audition time (a verse and a chorus of a song of your choosing), some scales and vocal exercises we'll ask you to sing, and a few questions to get to know you a little better! Sounds easy, right? Click here to reserve yourself a time slot, and we'll see you at our auditions!

Thursday, September 28th 7:00-11:00 PM; MacGowan 2330
Friday, September 29th 7:00-11:00; MacGowan 1350
Sunday, October 1st 7:00-10:30; MacGowan 1350