Is it scary? No! It only hurts the first time.

How long do auditions take? Each audition lasts about 5-10 minutes. However, sometimes we run early or late, so please arrive to your audition about 5-10 minutes in advance, and be prepared to stay a little later, just in case we are running behind schedule.

I couldn't schedule an audition. Can I walk in? Definitely! Although we'll try to stick to our schedule, we'll fit you in somewhere. What, you think we'd miss out on talent like yours? Heck no! If you decide to walk in, it's usually easier to come at the start or end of our audition times.

What should I sing? Anything! Well, anything that demonstrates your talent and best showcases your voice (and/or beatboxing). Although we tend to do a little of everything, so almost any style is welcome. 

How should I prepare? Each audition consists of scales and a solo. For your solo, prepare to sing one chorus and one verse of a song (see "What should I sing?"). In addition, we often test your choice of tonal memory or sight reading.

What if I don't have much experience? That's okay! There are no minimum requirements to be in BHarm. We come from various backgrounds in music and performance, and many of us have little or no formal training at all. We care more about raw talent and potential than formal training.

What else are you looking for? Obviously, musical ability is important. But we are also looking for guys who are charismatic, fun, and dedicated. Basically, we want to know you are a performer who's willing to put the time in to make BHarm awesome.

What if I can't make my audition? Email us at and we will reschedule your audition if possible.

When will I hear back? We will try to notify people as to whether they got callbacks the morning after our last night of auditions.

I've auditioned before, but didn't make it. Should I audition again? Yes!! Some of our most talented members didn't make it until their second or third audition. And if you don't make it this time, we encourage you to audition again!

How many people are you taking? It's really hard to say. That depends on a number of factors, including voice parts, how many people audition, and how many people we need. In general, we tend to take 3-5 people in the Fall, and 1-2 people in the Spring.

I'm auditioning (or I auditioned), but I realize I can't make callbacks. Is that a problem? Unfortunately, you have to attend callbacks in order to be invited to join the group. However, if you can only be there part of the time, shoot us an email. For those who can't make callbacks, we generally give automatic callback invitations to our next cycle of auditions. In any case, let us know, and we'll see what we can do. We'd hate to lose out on awesome talent due to a time conflict.

Do you accept beatboxers? What about rappers? What about wombats? We DO accept beatboxers. However, please note that not every song has beatboxing. So if you beatbox, you must also be willing to try to sing (though you don't have to be outrageously good at it!). We have not accepted a pure rapper before, but we are DEFINITELY looking for beatboxers and vocalists who can also rap. Despite overwhelming interest and protest, we still don't accept wombats. Sorry.

Still have questions? Email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP!