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Bruin Harmony Spring Concert


Alright folks, this is it. One last concert to end all concerts. A night so ground breaking, so earth shattering, so Animal Style® that even Richard Simmons will walk away feeling uneasy about the shear magnitude of events.

What can you expect of this night of Majesty? Well, in order from least to most important 1) The glory of 13 male voices connecting in the union of harmonious harmony. 2) A Hip thrust count nearing the thousands, with the potential of hitting our peak goal of 87,321 total thrusts (free pizzas from Papa John's will be distributed if this goal is reached). 3) Guest appearances from Chris Pratt, Harrison Ford, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, that one guy from SNL, Tina Fey, and an Emma Watson type.

What People have been saying about this event.

Erin Butt: "The last BHarm concert I went to was so profound, I changed my major."

@Lanzo Ball: "I'd rather miss a buzzer beating 3 pointer than miss the Bruin Harmony Concert."

Bruin Walk Preachers: "Live music is a sin, but we make an exception when it comes to Bruin Harmony."

We Hope to see you all on June 4th at 8:00!

Later Event: September 26
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