MIchael Wells
Assistant Choreographer
Political Science '19


Michael Wells

Assistant Choreographer

Voice: Tenor 1

Year: Class of 2020

Major: Musical Theater, B.A.

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Audition Song: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Fun Fact: Michael can make pretty convincing bird noises

Most Likely to: while watching the entirety of Scrubs for the fourth time




Michael is a third year Musical Theatre major at UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television. Originally from Lancaster, CA, he is a ruggedly handsome, incredibly gifted, and infinitely humble performer. He has been a member of Bruin Harmony since fall quarter of his freshman year, and boy is he in love with everything about it. The music. The shenanigans. The bromances. Michael’s vocal part is Tenor 1, he loves lemons and bread, and he believes in true love. When listening to literally any song in which riffing takes place, Michael will riff uncontrollably until physically restrained, thus the nickname, “Riffs McGee.” If he had to listen to the same song on repeat for the rest of his life, it would be either A Boy and A Girl by Eric Whitacre, or that version of Africa that’s one beat off and a half step flat. He would like to make a shoutout to Grant Hodges, Spencer Martin, and Jake Levy, three legendary BHarm alumni and forever his role models.