Jack Feder
Undeclared '21


Jack Feder

Voice: Vocal Percussionist/Tenor 2

Year: Class of 2021

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: Haverford, PA

Audition Song: "Sweet Creature" - Harry Styles

Fun Fact:  I’ve had three concussions, no, four. wait uh i don’t remember.

Most Likely to: get another concussion.




Jack (Jeff) Feder is a 3rd year tenor and vocal percussionist in Bruin Harmony. Although currently undecided, he is exploring a variety of potential careers, from musical theater, to linguistics, and to absolutely anything as long as it has to do with Disneyland. His past theater credits include LeFou in “Beauty and the Beast”, The Minstrel in “Once Upon a Mattress”, and (his favorite) King Claudius in his 4th grade class’s rendition of Hamlet. Some of Jack’s pastimes include listening to music, sleeping when he’s not supposed to, stressing out over his unnecessarily large amount of Snapchat streaks, and visiting the ASPCA just to look at all the cute doggos. Be sure to catch him in his room watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to remind him of home or at The Study stealing all the baguettes for reasons.