Alex Bortolotti
Design & Media Arts '21


Alex Bortolotti

Voice: Baritone

Year: Class of 2021

Major: Design & Media Arts, B.A. 

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Audition Song: "Georgia on My Mind" - Ray Charles

Fun Fact: Has sick photography skillz ;)

Most Likely to: to do anything and everything




Alex Bortolotti is will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Design and Media Arts in the Spring of 2021. He is currently a baritone in Bruin Harmony and has never been more excited to sing with a bunch of dudes who love singing with a bunch of dudes. His love for music encompasses many different genres and can definitely be seen DJing the next party you go to. In his spare time, Alex enjoys photography, going to concerts, and snowboarding. Although he looks like a tough guy, Alex is definitely the sweetest member of Bruin Harmony.